Journalism has allowed me to see the world. It’s taken me from the crumbling housing projects of Paterson, New Jersey to the glistening skyscrapers of Dubai.

I got my start at newspapers 25 years ago in New Jersey covering gangs, corruption, drug violence and the 9-11 attacks. After months reporting on families who lost loved ones in the 9-11 attacks, I left for Indonesia where I joined The Associated Press. In my nearly four years there, I covered the country’s transition to democracy, a string of terrorists attacks including the Bali bombings and the 2004 tsunami. I then became AP’s environmental reporter across Asia for the next five years, covering climate change, biodiversity and environmental hazards of the blockbuster growth in the region. I then moved to Dubai in 2010 where I became AP’s sports correspondent in the Middle East reporting on Formula One, the politics and business of Middle East football and the controversial decision to award Qatar the 2022 World Cup. I recently graduated from Columbia University with an MA in Journalism. As one of 12, Robert Wood Johnson fellows, I spent the year immersed in science courses and writing 10,000 word thesis on the discrimination endured by women after a disaster. I am planning to publish the thesis and turn that eventually into a book. For the past two years, I have been mostly writing on science, technology and energy for Fortune.com before moving onto cbsnews.com and now foxnews.com. In April 2016, I returned to AP where I oversee news operations in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire and write on the environment.


7 responses to “About”

  1. Frank Casey says :


    We are so proud of all you hard work dedication and accomplishments.
    I can’t wait to hear about the next chapter of you life story.

    Congratulations on your recent graduation from Columbia !!

    We love you.


  2. Helen Jones says :

    Hi, Michael. I’m Helen Jones from Johns Hopkins Medicine. I’d like to ask if you’d be interested in receiving emailed press releases about research coming out of Hopkins. If so, we could limit the press releases to areas of your interest. For example, we have releases about dinosaurs/evolution/prehistoric mammals. If you would like to get the releases, please say you will abide by any embargoes noted on the releases. Once we get your OK on that, we can add you to the list. Thanks very much.

    We also have a science writers boot camp annually that you may be interested in attending.

    • indonesiamike says :

      helen, please add me to the list and I would love to hear about the science writers boot camp. I am going freelance soon – working mostly for Fox News and Vice – so it all depends on the cost. Thanks for reaching out. Mike

  3. indonesiamike says :

    thanks Riley, Ill give the story a look and fix it where necessary. Thanks for reading. Sadly, the days of copy editors and even editors are gone at most of these websites. That is no excuse but that leads to the grammatical mistakes.

  4. David Yawn says :

    I liked your well written story about the toll opiates are taking. I think more articles need to be done investigating the root causes though. Causes beyond just saying pain killer and prescription pill addiction. It would be very helpful and I know that gets into sociology, psychology, economics, family dynamics, environment, peer pressure and more perhaps. There is a real need for an article that interviews those addicted and treatment program folks to find out the WHY in society. The story begging to be done nationwide

    • indonesiamike says :

      Thanks David. I couldnt agree more. We definitely will continue to write on this in the region and beyond. We have several projects in the works. Keep an eye out for them and thanks for reading.

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