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‘It’s raining needles’: Drug crisis creates pollution threat

OWELL, Mass. (AP) — They hide in weeds along hiking trails and in playground grass. They wash into rivers and float downstream to land on beaches. They pepper baseball dugouts, sidewalks and streets. Syringes left by drug users amid the heroin crisis are turning up everywhere.

In Portland, Maine, officials have collected more than 700 needles so far this year, putting them on track to handily exceed the nearly 900 gathered in all of 2016. In March alone, San Francisco collected more than 13,000syringes, compared with only about 2,900 the same month in 2016.’It’s-raining-needles’:-Drug-crisis-creates-pollution-threat

Why wait for an automated car when manufacturers are rolling out models full of self-driving features?

Fortune-Automated Cars

Motoring along New York’s Harlem River Drive the other day, I found myself in a sea of traffic. There were honking taxis on one side and a large truck fast approaching from behind. Add to that buckling pavement, which made it feel like I was on a roller coaster. Normally, a bumper-to-bumper drive like this would have my heart racing. But for this drive, I was behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz S550 Coupe, which happens to have one of the most advanced suites of semi-autonomous technologies on the market. You heard me right: a car you can buy today at the auto dealer has a whole lot of self-driving car technology already in it.

Searchers on emotional roller coaster; many hopes, few answers about loved ones following 9-11 attacks

Karl Lindemath of Manhattan got a call on the cell phone Thursday; it lasted only five seconds, but he’ll remember it for lifetime. There was the voice of Leonard Castrianno, 25, a Cantor Fitzgerald employee who worked on the 105th floor of One World Trade Center.  He has been missing since Tuesday morning.

9-11 The survivors

New rites of Mourning: Families meet challenge of remembering 9-11 victims

Pat Wotton doesn’t have the strength to have both a memorial for her husband, Rodney, and then a baptism for their son, who was born eight days after his father died in the World Trade Center attack. So the former Palisades Park woman chose to hold both events together in a ceremony Oct. 27.

9-11 Memorials

One family’s grief after 9-11: A father spared, a son lost

Herbert Ouida escaped the World Trade Center attack without a scratch. But he lost his youngest son, Todd, who was working 28 floors above him at Cantor Fitzgerald. “I’m 59.  He’s 25.  He should have lived and I should have died,” said Ouida, executive vice president of the World Trade Centers Association.  “I sometimes have that thought.  But then I stop myself, because that wasn’t my choice.

9-11 One family’s grief

DNA procedure helps close painful chapter for 9-11 victims families

Bruce Kane held a Sept. 30 memorial for his missing son, fearful that he’d never have a body to bury. But the Englewood man learned Wednesday that his son, Howard, was one of the first eight victims of the World Trade Center terrorist attack to be identified through DNA matching.

9-11 DNA testing

Paterson mayor accused of shaking down contractors

Marty Barnes, the eloquent activist who made history as Paterson’s first African-American mayor, was charged by federal prosecutors Thursday with shaking down city contractors for tens of thousands of dollars^ worth of gifts, including a swimming pool, trips abroad, and female companionship.

Mayor Charged

Big man, big money, big ambition: Behind the Paterson sewer scandal

Jerry Free brought a touch of Las Vegas to the sewer industry. In a world where engineers stare at blueprints or trudge through sludge-filled sewers, the boisterous Tennessean wore bright suits and diamond rings.  He boasted of ties to country-western stars and powerful Democrats. He made sewer repairs seem glamorous.

Mayor Scandal-The Contractor

Mayor’s travel interest FBI; Probe seeks ties to sewer work

Paterson Mayor Marty Barnes has played slot machines and slogged through sewers in Switzerland. He has monitored elections and lounged at a five-star resort in the Dominican Republic. And he has forged cultural ties in Russia’s Caucasus Mountains, taking in an opera and touring a world-class mineral spa.

Mayor’s Travel

Streets led teens away from high hopes

The broken trophy of a basketball player still sits on Maurice Clancy’s bedroom dresser, a bittersweet reminder of the day last summer he was crowned one of Paterson’s best young athletes. He was part of the Real Hard Knocks, a group of neighborhood friends who grew up playing basketball together and won the city’s first three-on-three tournament for youths under 18.

Dreams die for high schoolers

Adjusting to a life with hope: Relocated families find new homes, pressures

With the Paterson Housing Authority on her side, Theresa Graves trusted moving out of a dangerous public-housing high-rise would mean a better life. Her sister, Angela, was living in a run-down drug den and hoped she could find a safe place to raise her five children. Both women turned to the PHA’s $ 70 million HOPE VI program, part of a $ 3.1 billion national experiment that calls for the federal government to raze blighted public housing high-rises and move tenants into homes and apartments in mixed-income neighborhoods.

Hope for Theresa

A gold mine in Paterson: Scrappers loot metal from empty buildings

It’s a blustery afternoon and two men wheel a shopping cart toward  the empty Christopher Columbus housing development. Kane, a convicted robber, and Is, a heroin addict, are on a shopping trip of sorts. They are planning to steal window frames and copper piping from the run-down public high-rise.

Taking Apart Paterson

A test for educators: State experts try to make results match promises

Nearly seven years after it seized control of the Paterson schools, the state has little to show for the $1.2 billion it has spent in New Jersey’s third-largest school district. Half of the high school freshmen don’t make it to the senior year, most classrooms remain antiquated, and just one in three eighth-graders is proficient in all of the three R’s.

Investigating Paterson schools

Here are the additional costs: A study in overruns as Paterson school renovation doubles

When city and state officials announced plans to renovate Paterson’s old School 2, they said they wanted to save a piece of history and open up much-needed classrooms for toddlers by the end of 1994. But these days, the project that is expected to open this fall as an early learning center is a lesson in how not to bring a historic structure back to life. The cost of the project has more than doubled from $2.6 million to $6.6 million _ amid charges of mismanagement and design errors that resulted in the dismissal of both the project manager and architect in the past year.

Paterson school overruns

Classrooms remain cramped in Paterson under stat control

It was supposed to be a temporary solution. But seven years later, Paterson is still busing students from several crowded schools more than 20 minutes away to a building it leases in Ridgefield Park. The arrangement costs the district nearly $700,000 annually.

Crowded Schools

Bengali students arrive in style, rising to the top of the academic charts in Paterson schools

When Abul Mojumder arrived from Bangladesh, he was a frightened  8-year-old who spoke no English. Saira Rouf was born in Paterson to factory workers from Bangladesh. Their lives began differently but both have thrived for many of the same reasons. They were brought up in strict Islamic households by 
working-class parents who came to America to better their families.

Bengali Students

Self-Published author finds success in cyberspace

The posters at the Borders bookstore in Paramus promised a reading by “noted author”Zoltan Karpathy. Nearby, copies of his true-crime novel,”The Visitor,”greeted customers as they came through the door. With his slicked-back hair and designer suit, the 65-year-old Hackensack resident and retired restaurateur certainly looked the part as he set up a display featuring photos of his television appearances in Orlando and Jacksonville, Fla.



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